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Jun. 25th, 2006 @ 01:57 am Auto-accepts/ Auto-rejects
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This post will be used to keep track of those who have auto-accepts/ auto-rejects to use.

An auto-accept/ auto-reject allows a member to automatically accept or reject an applicant regardless of popular vote.

An auto-acept/ auto-reject will be awarded to the winner of the bi-weekly contest.

An auto-accept/ auto-reject will also be awarded to a member when, on two occassions they are the first to complete the scavenger hunt.

To use an auto-accept/ auto-reject please write "auto-accept" or "auto-reject" in the subject line of your vote. You must still give two good reasons as to why you have made this decision.

Members may only stack up to 3 auto-accept/ auto-rejects.

Members with auto-accept/ auto-rejects:

Members with 1/2 an auto-accept/ auto-reject:

[updated 31 July 2006]
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